Features Clarity Pro Other Skin Analysis Tools
Full Face Analysis
  • Complete Analysis for Front, Left & Right
  • Only Right & Left Profile
Facial Zones
  • Automated Zone Construction divides face into
    12 distinct regions for targeted analysis;
    zone activation allows for zoom capability
  • Manual selection of a
    circumscribed region on
    only one side of the face
Skin Conditions
  • UV Damage
  • Skin Tone Evenness
  • Wrinkle Measurement
  • Identification & Classification of unhealthy pores
  • Excessive Sebum
  • P. Acnes
  • Inflamed pores
  • Deeply Inflamed pores
  • UV Spots
  • Evenness
  • Wrinkles
  • Pores
  • Porphyrins
Calibrated against
Dermatological Scales
  • UV Damage susceptibility assessed using the
    Fitzpatrick Scale for classifying skin types
  • Calculate patient risk for acne based on
    ClarityTM Pro's spectroscopic pore classification
  • No dermatological scales
    used for condition

Quantitative Measurement & Reporting Capabilities:


Multi-Spectral Image Capture: Capturing full face images in front, left and right profile positions. Using multi-spectral lighting for True White Light and Deep Blue light images, the system captures several images revealing skin conditions on and beneath the skin’s surface layer.

Face & Skin Map w/Preset Regions: Mapping out facial features and skin within each captured image. An automated, internal alignment procedure provides an intuitive guide for capturing consistent and reproducible images.

Quantifiable Results: Quantitative analysis and interpretation of the skin’s condition. Measurements are calibrated to dermatological scales for detailed evaluation.


Pre & Post Treatment Evaluation: Scoring side by side for pre and post treatment results to clearly demonstrate the efficacy of product application.

Progression Trends: Track a timeline & progression of patient’s skin health-from their first consultation to the most current treatment. Treatment can be plotted, tracked and documented and comprehensive reports generated.


Comprehensive Reports: The individual patient’s reports can be printed of their analysis results, including the treatment plan, notes. Each report is customizable to client and/or patient with analyzed images and charts.
Treated vs. Untreated Skin: Patients skin can appear while adhering to skin care regiments and treatment protocol to target underlying pigmentary and redness concerns and how conditions can worsen if left untreated.

UV Damage:
We Can Measure extent of surface and sub-dermal photo damage- while projecting how patient’s skin will age over the next 10-15 years as UV spots come to the skin’s surface.
Our Automate Skin Type classification- can measure skin type scores adjusted to the Fitzpatrick scale for types 1 through 6.
Our Systems Can Provide Tools For Preventive Advice- to patient’s with an in-depth scale for tolerance ratings to UV exposure.
With The Minutes to Sun Damage Report-we can take an individual skin type assessment into account with UV index ranges to determine how much time your patient’s can spend in the sun without incurring additional damage, and determine the type of product protection that is warranted. i.e. SPF

Complexion Health:
We Can Evaluate Key Components- a) To a healthy complexion with an overall complexion score analysis for color variation across the skin’s surface. b) Measure changes in skin radiance scores following product treatments.
Assess redness levels of the skin- providing quantitative scores for diffuse redness (sensitive/reactive skin) and localized redness (vascular conditions.



Wrinkle Map:
We Can Create A Patient’s Skin Textural Map- with a detailed view of how the skin’s laxity changes as they age to form the emerging lines, fine lines, and deep lines of the skin. A wrinkle count is provided for each line of the skin’s surface which is recorded-classified according to length, width and severity information.


Pore Map:
Fluorescence Spectroscopy is one of the systems utilized, allowing the intelligent recognition of sub-surface conditions. We are also able to identify pores with excessive oil production, p. acnes, inflammation and deep inflammation.


Pigment Map:
We Measure Pigment Evenness (melanin distribution) while identifying key areas of hyper pigmentation, age spots, and blemishes.
We perform a spot count value along with a percent of area affected score allows detailed assessment and tracking of pigmentary conditions.


Redness Map:
We can measure the differentiate between Rosacea and Vascular Damage when assessing Redness
conditions with a Localized & Diffuse Redness scoring system.


Lip Analysis:
Our instrumentation for dermatological characterization enables comprehensive assessment of the lip area. Along with
automated lip detection, measurements also include;

  • Strength & Clarity of the Lip Edge to surrounding Skin
  • Regularity & Curvature of the Lip Edge
  • Feathering of the Lip Edge
  • Surface Area
  • Redness Levels
  • Horizontal & Vertical Lip Line Count with binning into Severity Categories
  A list of analysis results